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Jason C. Weber


Certified IFS Therapist

Certified IFS Consultant

What do all the letters mean?

My Counseling Approach

Good therapy is unique therapy. It develops in response to your issues, your mind, your strengths, your identities, and the changing conditions of your life. My experience allows me to improvise, shifting between leading and following in our conversations. I can put into words the essence of where we are in the process, and this creates a trail map with points of interest and destinations. Along the trail, our focus tends to zoom in, when we talk together about you as an individual, and zoom out, when we consider the outside forces impacting your life. Those outside forces may be personal, or they may be widespread social legacies. Being a therapist who devotes energy to understanding these realities positions me to be an Ally to people with many different identities and experiences. Read all 8 points to describe my approach.

More insight, less advice.

Good therapy is more like innovation, and less like following a recipe. I listen and learn from you, and share my understanding so you can tell me if I’m getting it right. Then I might draw from established ideas to guide us. One method, the IFS (internal family systems) model, observes that we all have parts — as in, “part of me felt like…” doing whatever. We all have Parts, some useful to us, and some that are more extreme. Becoming familiar with our Parts, how they operate and what motivates them, is a valuable and effective to way to make real change possible. As we resolve the concerns of our more extreme Parts, we spend more time in awareness and presence, where we are naturally calm, clear, curious, and compassionate. We tend to see more choices and make wiser decisions. Read “Why Therapy?”

About Me

A long-time zen meditator, I enjoy and seek out activities with intense focus, or that require some form of creativity or innovation – playing racquetball, chess, or modern board games; making things with kids, like giant puppets, elaborate birthday cakes, or a floating volleyball court. I like remodeling projects that teach me new skills. Rock climbing is something I approached about 20 years ago because I was afraid of heights, and I still have passion for the mental and physical challenges of climbing. This private practice began when I was working at OU’s student counseling center, seeing a client who was about to graduate. She wanted to continue therapy with me, so I began renting office hours. Now this is my full-time endeavor, and I enjoy serving clients across Ohio by offering individual, family, and couples counseling. I am interested in serving clients whose concerns include anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, addiction, disordered eating, grief/bereavement, and relationship conflict. I am a knowledgeable LGBTQ ally, and am able to notice and explore issues related to sex, gender, ethnic background, skin color, age, and economic class.
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