Internal Family Systems (IFS) Consultation for Professionals

IFS Individual Consultation for Therapists, Coaches, and IFS Practitioners

I enjoy helping IFS professionals deepen their understanding of the Internal Family Systems model. I offer IFS consultation to individuals worldwide, in English, via a secure video platform. In our work together, we might do one or more of the following: 1) discuss and conceptualize challenging cases, 2) harness the insight method to welcome and understand your own parts, 3) help you access more Self energy and increase your sense of naturalness with the IFS model, or 4) identify and apply supplemental therapeutic skills that deepen your clients’ IFS healing experiences.

IFS Individual Consultation sessions are $150 for 50-minutes, and $225 for 75-minutes. These hours count toward IFS certification as a therapist or practitioner.

IFS Group Consultation

I enjoy hosting small groups of IFS professionals who are seeking to develop their knowledge and skill with the IFS model, in a safe and supportive atmosphere where taking some risks and making mistakes are accepted as a natural and essential part of learning. Groups often focus on developing a better understanding of the IFS model, or case consultation, or live practice with consultation assistance, or some combination of these valuable options. You are welcome to email me as a group that is already formed or forming, or as an individual who would like to be added to a formed or forming group.

IFS Group Consultation sessions are typically 90-minutes or 120-minutes in length. The fee varies by session length and number of participants. These hours count toward IFS certification as a therapist or practitioner.

comments from ifs practice group members

I so appreciated Jason’s authenticity, vulnerability, wisdom, and his calm, gentle, warm, compassionate presence. His guidance during the triad practice was invaluable. He created a safe, encouraging and supportive space for learning and exploring our parts. He truly demonstrated the 8 C’s and his self energy was evident and felt.

I am so deeply grateful to Jason! The energy he brings to this training is truly special. He created a deep net of safety for all my parts during our practice group. His knowledge of and passion for IFS is clearly evident in every interaction I’ve had with him. Even more importantly, with his loving support, he helped me embody and witness the complex concepts in new ways I haven’t experienced before.

I really enjoyed Jason and his gentle presence. He was attuned and invested in group synergy. I learned a lot from his examples and comments, I also connected with and appreciated his vulnerability. I am looking forward to learning more from him and the energy he creates in the group.

Jason was such an incredible teacher. His self leadership was consistent throughout our sessions and he brought a level of expertise that I can only hope to achieve as a therapist. So grateful for the group connections created in that space.

Really appreciated Jason’s presence. Very professional, knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. One of my favorites.

Other Areas of Interest

Consultation and Clinical Supervision

If you are a graduate student seeking clinical supervision to complete a practicum or internship, or a professional in practice seeking clinical supervision prior to obtaining independent licensure status, you are welcome to contact me to discuss your interests and needs. We should take some time to understand how my experience and perspective may or may not be a good fit for your current stage of development, and for your clinical setting and caseload. Clinical supervision is a commitment, elaborated in a contract with important legal and ethical consequences. Before making that commitment, we should have ample opportunity to ask one another questions, to discuss our approaches to therapy and our expectations about clinical supervision, and to intuit whether our supervisory relationship would be characterized by trust, respect, and collaboration – in the service of your growth and development.

Continuing Education

Please contact me to arrange engaging and productive training experiences or workshops for your staff or students. Sample special topics include Introduction to Internal Family Systems, Core Therapeutic Skills, Mindfulness Interventions In and Out of Session, Motivational Interviewing: Essential Attitudes for All Therapeutic Approaches, and Understand Addiction Through IFS (Internal Family Systems). Continuing Education Units possible.